Category: Bio Sheets

Bio Sheets can be used for a multitude of things. For example, you could use these first and foremost for player profiles to be accessed from the Roster pages of your site. Or you could use them as health and safety forms that could be printed and provided to each coach in your organization.

Creating a bio sheet
Bio sheets are created from registration data. You can begin building one by going to Admin > Members > Registration System > Bios.

A few notes about how they work...
Bio sheets pull in information from your online registration program. That is, each Bio Sheet is unique to the Registration Program you highlight before clicking Bios on the previous page.

Bio sheets are templates. You can format the template and arrange information any way you would like. The format we provide as a default is not required.

Using the Insert Data option, allows you to inster a "data element" into your template. When this is inserted, and the Bio Sheets are generated, this information is filled in dynamically with the information the individual entered for this question during the online registration process.

An example bio sheet:

To create a Bio Sheet, begin by naming your template something unique and then start adding data elements to the bio template. You can do this by placing your cursor in the content window where you would like a data point to be inserted, and then slecting the data element from the drop-down list above, titled "Insert data."

Template Name
This is the unique name for this template you are generating. Name this something you can remember, because there are other options for using these templates in other areas of your site.
Selecting a choice from this drop-down will perform that action.

  • New
    Will allow you to create a new bio sheet template and start from scratch.
  • Open...
    Opens a previously saved template that you can edit or update.
  • Save
    Saves the work you have done on the currently open bio sheet template.
  • Save As...
    Will allow you to save the currently open template, specifying a new template name.
  • Delete
    Will delete the currently open bio sheet template.
  • Generate
    Clicking Generate will produce a new window with completed Bio Sheets. All of the information will be included wherever you have inserted data fields. This page is in a printable format, so you can print all of them at once for distribution. Choosing this option, also saves the bio template on generation.
Insert data
These are the fields you have collected information for during the online registration process. Placing your cursor in the content area and choosing one of these options from the drop-down will place that data field in the content window. You will see this displayed as "[Field Name]".